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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

canndidate Angela dissed by front porch forum

Angela Chagnon a candidate for state rep in district 3-2 North End Burlington Vermont was attacked on Front Porch Forum a on line community forum on November 2. On November 3 Angela Responded, but the forum refused to post her response. This is her post that they will not post

I received the latest edition of Front Porch Forum and was quite surprised at the negative and vicious tones of Brian Drourr's and Kerry Stanley's posts. I would like to assure them that I thoroughly researched Mark Larson's record and all claims made in my ads are completely factual. The comments made by rep. Larson about the budget were actual comments made during a neighborhood planning assembly meeting that I personally attended, and I transcribed his comments directly from a DVD purchased from from channel 17 of the meeting to ensure that every word was correct.
Exposing the truth about someone is not a 'smear campaign'. Kerry Stanley's misguided and uninformed claim that I focused on "a single topic" is laughable. I covered many topics in my ads and debates with Rep Larson the only 'narrow minded opinions on single topic' were my opposition's attacks on my pro-life views with that said, I congratulate Rep Larson on his win, and urge him to exercise some fiscal restraint in Montpelier.

I see no problem with her response, and Front Porch Forum should do the right thing and print this. This not the first time that the Front Porch Forum did this, I hope they will change their policy.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A new low

Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist church protested at a dead soldiers Funeal. They had signs that said "thank god for dead soldiers" and "Fag Troops. This is a new low i am a wiccan we are not about hate. Taking advantage of a dead man is disgusting. I like free speach but this is too much. when will the hate end.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

IRV on the ballot

IVR has made the ballot. We had two elections, We have a mayor who has 29 percent of the vote. Now the League of Women voters is begining to fight to keep IRV. This going to be one of the biggest battles I have seen. It seems that the pro IRV must be concerned, because the big guns are coming out. This going to be about which side can get their voters to the polls. On the other side you have Repeal IRV who is fighting to end IRV. They have a blog
repealirv.blogspot.com you can add your name if you support the repeal of IRV.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Russ resoultion stinks

At frist I was happy to see a resoultuion on the the dics golf at leddy. but at the council meeting russ kept leddy as a site IN HIS RESOULTUION. for the golf. his said the want to put this to bed, but he did not. i do not support the dics golf. i hope they pack up and leave. I think it is thime for a new city councilor in ward 4.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Kiss Campain goes dirty

With 2 weeks left CAO Jonathan Leopold atacks mayor candidate Andy Montroll,and accused him of conflict of intrest. The problem is Jonathan Leopold knew of And'y's work with Vally Net. There is no conflict here it is just a nasty atack. Counciler Montroll has been supportive of burlington telecom. Then Leopold lies about not having a meeting and not knowing about Andy's work with Vally Net. I think they know that Andy's campaign is gaining and could win. Mayor Kiss did not show leadership. when you work for Kiss you can say anything you want and have no back lash. Maybe iI should get a job with his addmin.

Kiss addimin don't get the job done

Again the Kiss Addimin has failed us. Sunday afternoon I was droping lit for a mayor canidate and sliped and fell on the ice and snow. It was not plowed at all. This has been happing now for three years. Sorry Progs this not leadership.

Montrooll's campaign pick up steam with Freepress endorsement

The Burlington Free Press Endorses Andy Montroll for Mayor

We're honored to have received the endorsement of the Free Press Editorial Board. Please read the text below or read the full editorial by clicking here.

Remember to Vote for Andy Montroll on March 3rd!
2.22.09. The Free Press editorial board endorses Andy Montroll as the candidate for mayor who brings the right combination of experience in government, knowledge of the city and personal integrity to keep Burlington a destination for visitors, employers and those looking to make a home.
We have interviewed the candidates, have attended the forums and have gotten to know the men seeking the top job in the city. Burlington is fortunate to have four substantial candidates running for mayor.
Even in a strong field, we must choose a single candidate for the top spot, but we also make a recommendation for a second choice on the ballot because of the nature of instant run-off voting.The Burlington economy is stable and city finances are sound, especially compared to the rest of the state. Burlington has an abundance of natural riches starting with the waterfront, and is the economic and cultural hub for the region, if not the state. This is not the doing of one man or one administration.Yet the events of the past year have made clear the need for new management in City Hall. The discord within city government, including senior staffers let free to hurl accusations at public officials, calls for a mayor who will show the leadership to refocus city government on serving the people.We look toward Montroll to provide that leadership for several reasons.He has experience. He has worked hard to gain this office. He is dogged. He comes back time after time. He has an agreeable way about him that appeals to Burlington constituents. He knows the city. He is trustworthy. Little seems to ruffle him. He has his eye on the future.
Montroll promises transparency, which has not been a hallmark of the Kiss administration. He understands that what matters most in government is to fully explain what is going on to the public. He knows keeping the people informed matters more than protecting any single city employee or any department at the expense of the public's need to know. Too often we have seen a City Hall that, in the words of one councilor, feels it is enough to spoon-feed information.Montroll's 15 years on the City Council gives him the inside knowledge of the detailed workings of city government that will help make for a smooth transition in the Mayor's Office. He promises a review of problem departments, to set clear expectations and to give focus to City Hall.Montroll is thoughtful in the way he answers questions and arrives at decisions. Once he makes his determination, he makes his position clear. While other candidates talked about the possibility for a new lakeside convention center -- as long as it was "appropriate" for the setting -- Montroll was alone in taking a definitive stance, saying such a project has no place on the waterfront.He is for careful development of the waterfront, placing a high value on the public accessibility that makes the lake such a critical part of the city's appeal.Montroll's drawback, of course, is the same as the drawback for Mayor Bob Kiss. Their public personalities lack the fire that makes them big band leaders for Burlington, an often showy, loud and flamboyant city when it comes to playing out politics in public.The day-to-day management of this city is made easier because it is prosperous -- the 1-cent sales tax increase that was approved as Kiss took office didn't hurt, either. The city requires someone who will manage this day-to-day responsibility, but also one who will look ahead and worry about the long-term stakes.Montroll shows a keen awareness of the city's assets, its potential, and threats to Burlington's vibrancy today and tomorrow. As a father of young children, building a city for the next generation is no abstract idea.Montroll sees potential threats to the city's economy in the increasing number of empty storefronts on the Church Street Marketplace. He hears the warning in the voices of company owners who find it difficult to find the office space they need to grow.We expect the Montroll administration to be pragmatic and focused on the issues. His record as a city councilor tells us to expect nothing less. Andy Montroll is our pick for mayor of Burlington.